Hi! How are you?

Our conversation has more impact when we speak with our emotions. Do you know our heart generates maximum electromagnetic waves in our body? what happens when we couple this huge energy with our words?

As I walk towards my desk, I hear my colleague’s voice ” Hi, how are you?”.  It has become a daily routine for me to hear this sentence as I walk into my workplace. Every morning I wonder, do they really care when they ask for my well-being? Is it a greeting out of care for others or is it just a formality, a ritual which has been honed over years of habit of just saying the words out loud. At times, I want to stop and tell them “I am happy today or I feel the burnout” but then I hear myself saying, “Good, how are you?”.
Shouldn’t it really matter how I am? To myself and to my colleagues and well wishers. Shouldn’t I care to respond by sharing how I really am on the day? Shouldn’t I genuinely care how my colleagues are when I greet them in response. It is so important to connect with people. To look into their eyes and genuinely ask them “How are you?” It doesn’t take much of our time but believe me when we actually ask a person, we connect immediately. It helps generate our professional and personal circle.
The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in our bodies. When we visualize something with our mind and charge it with our emotions of care and compassion for ourselves and others, we’re actually in that moment sending a signal out to the other person and to ourselves. In that moment we connect, and manifest the reality we have felt and wished for. It is like when we truly wish for something with our mind and heart we send out a positive vibe to the environment around us.
I have grown up hearing, “What comes from your heart always happens.” Now, I understand why it is so important to feel our words. So, next time before you start the conversation with someone/ on something you care for, move your concentration to your heart for few seconds and see the difference. It will definitely help create a more meaningful outcome in your presentation, a small hello, how are you or your next job interview.
                                                           So, hi! How are you today?


Author: Archana Mishra

I am skilled and certified integrated clinical hypnotherapist, energy healer and a holistic Counsellor. Training in Yoga helps me to work on breath, meditation and chakras deeply. My corporate background helps me to understand the challenge and stress of modern lifestyles. I works with clients restoring, aligning, balancing & healing the mind – body –soul thereby bringing it back into a state of harmony & well – being. Also, I am a professional member of Australian Hypnotherapist Association and NHRA.

8 thoughts on “Hi! How are you?”

  1. This post seems to be so genuine and soul touching explains how we lie to our self. Amazingly written.


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