What does it feel like being a Therapist


“Don’t you get affected by your Client’s emotions?” she asked me with curious voice. My friend’s deep eyes looking for answer. I sigh and said “Yes, I do. I live a part of my client’s life for some moments. Even when I don’t want to, I feel their pain. During therapy when the client cries, a part of me cries too. Then my logical mind says there must be a solution for every problem. I always know together we can resolve it. For therapy to work I need  to act as an observer. That reminder helps me during my tough sessions.” I said with a smile on my face. There cannot be a better feeling than helping someone getting back their smile. That smile keeps me going.

“How do you manage to be always so positive?” Her soft voice asked again.

“I don’t”. I giggled as I said . While as therapist we have training on human behavior still we are human beings. So at times I feel sad, stressed and hurt. There are times when I feel low, have negative emotions. I go through anger, grief, confusion, guilt and so on. As human beings we all feel those emotions. As a therapist, I know when it hits me, I just observe those thoughts. I try to find the core of those emotions and work on it. If there are emotions which I am not able to handle, I do take help from other therapist.

How has been your journey as therapist so far? Do you see any change in yourself?

So far it has been good. Its always a pleasure to see happiness in people’s lives. As a person I have evolved more. I understand myself now. I know when I need help.  I also learned how to set boundaries in relationships. Boundaries doesn’t mean I am trying to distance myself. Infact, a healthy boundary helps in getting the bond stronger between people. Also, during this journey what I realized is power is within me to change that little world around me :).

“Do you do hypnotherapy on your close family members and friends?”

Most of the therapist avoid doing the therapy on people who are close to them. There are various reasons. Few incidences which I found during therapy of my close people:

  1. At times during the therapy, I am involved directly/indirectly in the case. It becomes difficult to handle the situation.
  2. When you are too close to people, the law of dominance doesn’t work which is very important for the therapy to be successful.
  3. When you don the cap of a therapist with a client known to you at personal level( e.g. A relative, a friend etc) , you need to be extra cautious not to cross the blurred line that exists between the two. At times too much personal information pop up which may create uneasy situations for both therapist and the client.

Finding the right therapist for yourself is like a date. Not every therapist is right for you. Therapy works well when you connect with your therapist. So keep searching for that  therapist till your heart say….”Yes, I found mine!”  :).


Author: Archana Mishra

I am skilled and certified integrated clinical hypnotherapist, energy healer and a holistic Counsellor. Training in Yoga helps me to work on breath, meditation and chakras deeply. My corporate background helps me to understand the challenge and stress of modern lifestyles. I works with clients restoring, aligning, balancing & healing the mind – body –soul thereby bringing it back into a state of harmony & well – being. Also, I am a professional member of Australian Hypnotherapist Association and NHRA.

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