How to handle your emotions?

Right from the childhood we are told it’s not okay to be angry, don’t be jealous; feeling of hatred is bad.Having a wrong emotion makes us a bad human being. The list goes on and on. Are these negative emotions really bad? The integration of these good and bad emotions makes us humans. So, if I have negative emotions how do I handle it? Do I suppress it? Try to cover with good one?

If any negative emotion is suppressed, it affects our energy body which in turns starts knocking the physical body. Please refer to my previous blog on how emotions can affect out body here:

It is important that we start dealing with negative emotions. Below are few ways which I find it helpful:

  1. Acknowledgement: The first step to release any negative emotion is to acknowledge it. If there is any thought which is making us feel uncomfortable, it is negative emotion. The negative emotion can be fear, anger, jealousy, hatred etc. it’s important to first acknowledge and own that emotion. Don’t try to deny it. Don’t be afraid of your emotions.  Don’t fight them, run away from them, blocking them out.  Its okay to have these emotion. Welcome them, be with them, regardless of what they are.  We were born with all emotions.  They are neither good or bad, they just are.  Emotions dissipate and slowly disappear if you feel them, and are present with them.  Once the acknowledgement is done half of the battle is won.
  2. Pen down your emotions: Writing can be an excellent way of releasing the emotions. Don’t think when you write; just write down everything how you are feeling. Don’t read it after you are done with it. Tear it in small pieces and throw it in bin.
  3. Breathing exercises: Breath is very important tool which helps to connect your physical body and your mind. Take deep breath through nose and while exhaling breath out through your mouth. As if you are releasing all your negative emotions from each and every cell of your body. Few of the yoga pranayam like anulom/vilom helps to release the energy also.
  4. Tapping: I find tapping most efficient way of getting to the core issue or releasing the emotion. I will be dealing with this topic in my future post.
  5. Detach Yourself: When your emotions are running high and you are having difficult reducing the intensity, try to detach yourself from the situation and the emotion.  Try to imagine the same situation happening to someone else.  Try to see if the behavior would be the same if someone else were in your situation.  If the answer is yes then you can begin to see that the experience is not necessarily being focused at you.  The other person is probably acting unconsciously, and you just happen to be the individual “in their way”.  Detaching yourself in this manner can help you move through very difficult situations without taking the abuse personally.  You might need to terminate the situation  causing the emotions, but your detachment allows you to look at things more rationally and quietly.
  6. Physical Exercise: Ten minutes of walk or run can help you to release those emotions.
  7. Drawing/ Painting/Any creative work: Any creative work helps to release the stored negative emotions. It can be cooking, drawing or painting. It’s a kind of meditation.
  8. Friends/ Counselor/ Therapist : If the feeling is too haunting You might want to consider seeking the assistance of a counselor or therapist.  They can help you to see things in a more balanced fashion, and help you understand more fully what you are observing in yourself.  It can be difficult at times to be objective about yourself.
  9. Punching Bag : Get yourself a punching bag and hang it in your home.  Then take time to keep hitting that punching bag, releasing your rage.

Concluding Thoughts

Handling emotions comes with practice. Either it can be suppressed which is worst choice or expresses which is the best way. It is also important to teach yourself and our next generation how to tackle emotions and feeling. I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings about this blog. Stop by the comment and let me know 🙂




Author: Archana Mishra

I am skilled and certified integrated clinical hypnotherapist, energy healer and a holistic Counsellor. Training in Yoga helps me to work on breath, meditation and chakras deeply. My corporate background helps me to understand the challenge and stress of modern lifestyles. I works with clients restoring, aligning, balancing & healing the mind – body –soul thereby bringing it back into a state of harmony & well – being. Also, I am a professional member of Australian Hypnotherapist Association and NHRA.

4 thoughts on “How to handle your emotions?”

  1. Hi Archana… Vrryy well written yaar… Loved it to the core… I especially loved the 2 n 5 point…. I.e… To write down allll our negative emotions n feelings n tear them at last… N… To imagine this same situation happening with someone else n judge… Beautiful lllllyyyy narrated Archana…. Lived it.. Get going yaar… Would luv to read manyyy more such frm ur side…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Archana, you write so well! All that we learnt in 5 levels has been concised & explained so well, for everyone to understand.
    You have narrated your experiences & interaction with your clients. This comes from your heart & you have so much empathy .
    Keep writing & we would love to read more..


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