Have you ever lived before?

It is believed that while Gautam Buddha was meditating under Bodhi tree, he visited around his 550 past lives before he reached Enlightenment. Theory of Reincarnation can also be found in ancient text known as ‘Bhagavad Geta’.

What is Past Life Regression?

Past life regression is the process of exploring our soul and its incarnation. Everybody is born with some memories. The Past life regression technique is used to access those memories during hypnosis. The therapy enables the client to connect with the sub conscious mind using hypnotherapy technique. This is done by a trained therapist and client is always in full control of the situation.

Why Past life Regression is required?
At times we carry burden from past lives or there are events which in our lives which has no real logic to it. The roots might be in past life. It is important to heal those lives which has impact in current life. Past Life Regression Therapy can be extremely powerful technique and helps us to live in the moment in multiple ways. For instance, it can eliminate fears, deep phobias and blockages that are holding us back. It can also throw light on issues which we may repeatedly experience in our life. It can be relationship, health or career. Also, it helps in understanding our life purpose and overcome the fear of death.

what is difference between past life regressions and past life therapy?
A past life regression is when you ‘go back’ and review your past life. Past life regression therapy is when you ‘go back’ and heal your past life.

Is it Safe to visit Past life?
During Hypnosis the mind is very relaxed but in total control. Infact, during therapy you can choose not to share your thoughts during therapy. It is a very safe technique.

Are past lives real?
You’ll just have to try a past life regression and decide for yourself 🙂

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Author: Archana Mishra

I am skilled and certified integrated clinical hypnotherapist, energy healer and a holistic Counsellor. Training in Yoga helps me to work on breath, meditation and chakras deeply. My corporate background helps me to understand the challenge and stress of modern lifestyles. I works with clients restoring, aligning, balancing & healing the mind – body –soul thereby bringing it back into a state of harmony & well – being. Also, I am a professional member of Australian Hypnotherapist Association and NHRA.

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