Can your Emotion affect your health?


Mind Body Connection

Psychoneuroimmunology is the study of how emotions impact your immune system and health.The mind-body connection is much stronger than we think. Our thoughts and emotions stimulate the production of certain chemicals that influence our physical and emotional health. When we experiencing happiness there are two chemicals that our brain releases a) Serotonin and b) dopamine. In case of negative emotions these chemical levels are lower.

Researchers have found a wealth of evidence that positive emotions can enhance the immune system, while negative emotions can suppress it. Our emotional states can lead to physical ailments, possibly indicating that we are going through a difficult time in which negative thoughts and emotions have taken control. Feelings of sadness can greatly influence our energy levels and motivation. Sadness causes fatigue, excessive tiredness, and low energy.

It’s also been found that happier people may be less likely to come down with colds. While no one knows for sure how our feelings can affect the immune system, most doctors agree that reducing stress is a good idea.

One of my client had migraine problem. During counselling it was discovered that whenever she is not able to take important decision in her life migraine gets triggered. After the session she was quite clear about her self. She never had migraine after the therapy. As each one of us are different therefore the reason for disease is not always same. But there is a strong link between emotional and physical health.

Our thought affects our emotions; the emotion affects our energy body and the energy body affects the physical body.

Are you listening to your body?

Below are few examples how your body talks. Please note these are only pointers for the disease.

  • Resentment and bitterness are like acid.  They cause inflammation and pain.  Stubborn, inflexible resentment goes to the knees, shoulders, and joints–the parts of your body that are designed to be open and flexible
  • Arthritis is bottled-up hurt
  • Cancer is a deep secret, hatred, guilt, or grief ‘eating away’ at you
  • Breast and uterine cancer reveals a lack of nurturing or self-nurturing in your life, or an inability to nurture others
  • Back pain reveals feeling a lack of support. Lower back pain points to lack of financial support. Its the fear of money.  Middle back pain is carrying the weight of the past. Thoracic back pain shows no emotional support or love.

It is important to take care of your emotions. In my further post I will be discussing how we can handle our emotions. Wish you a very happy and healthy life!


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Author: Archana Mishra

I am skilled and certified integrated clinical hypnotherapist, energy healer and a holistic Counsellor. Training in Yoga helps me to work on breath, meditation and chakras deeply. My corporate background helps me to understand the challenge and stress of modern lifestyles. I works with clients restoring, aligning, balancing & healing the mind – body –soul thereby bringing it back into a state of harmony & well – being. Also, I am a professional member of Australian Hypnotherapist Association and NHRA.

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