Hi! How are you?

Our conversation has more impact when we speak with our emotions. Do you know our heart generates maximum electromagnetic waves in our body? what happens when we couple this huge energy with our words?

As I walk towards my desk, I hear my colleague’s voice ” Hi, how are you?”.  It has become a daily routine for me to hear this sentence as I walk into my workplace. Every morning I wonder, do they really care when they ask for my well-being? Is it a greeting out of care for others or is it just a formality, a ritual which has been honed over years of habit of just saying the words out loud. At times, I want to stop and tell them “I am happy today or I feel the burnout” but then I hear myself saying, “Good, how are you?”.
Shouldn’t it really matter how I am? To myself and to my colleagues and well wishers. Shouldn’t I care to respond by sharing how I really am on the day? Shouldn’t I genuinely care how my colleagues are when I greet them in response. It is so important to connect with people. To look into their eyes and genuinely ask them “How are you?” It doesn’t take much of our time but believe me when we actually ask a person, we connect immediately. It helps generate our professional and personal circle.
The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in our bodies. When we visualize something with our mind and charge it with our emotions of care and compassion for ourselves and others, we’re actually in that moment sending a signal out to the other person and to ourselves. In that moment we connect, and manifest the reality we have felt and wished for. It is like when we truly wish for something with our mind and heart we send out a positive vibe to the environment around us.
I have grown up hearing, “What comes from your heart always happens.” Now, I understand why it is so important to feel our words. So, next time before you start the conversation with someone/ on something you care for, move your concentration to your heart for few seconds and see the difference. It will definitely help create a more meaningful outcome in your presentation, a small hello, how are you or your next job interview.
                                                           So, hi! How are you today?


What does it feel like being a Therapist


“Don’t you get affected by your Client’s emotions?” she asked me with curious voice. My friend’s deep eyes looking for answer. I sigh and said “Yes, I do. I live a part of my client’s life for some moments. Even when I don’t want to, I feel their pain. During therapy when the client cries, a part of me cries too. Then my logical mind says there must be a solution for every problem. I always know together we can resolve it. For therapy to work I need  to act as an observer. That reminder helps me during my tough sessions.” I said with a smile on my face. There cannot be a better feeling than helping someone getting back their smile. That smile keeps me going.

“How do you manage to be always so positive?” Her soft voice asked again.

“I don’t”. I giggled as I said . While as therapist we have training on human behavior still we are human beings. So at times I feel sad, stressed and hurt. There are times when I feel low, have negative emotions. I go through anger, grief, confusion, guilt and so on. As human beings we all feel those emotions. As a therapist, I know when it hits me, I just observe those thoughts. I try to find the core of those emotions and work on it. If there are emotions which I am not able to handle, I do take help from other therapist.

How has been your journey as therapist so far? Do you see any change in yourself?

So far it has been good. Its always a pleasure to see happiness in people’s lives. As a person I have evolved more. I understand myself now. I know when I need help.  I also learned how to set boundaries in relationships. Boundaries doesn’t mean I am trying to distance myself. Infact, a healthy boundary helps in getting the bond stronger between people. Also, during this journey what I realized is power is within me to change that little world around me :).

“Do you do hypnotherapy on your close family members and friends?”

Most of the therapist avoid doing the therapy on people who are close to them. There are various reasons. Few incidences which I found during therapy of my close people:

  1. At times during the therapy, I am involved directly/indirectly in the case. It becomes difficult to handle the situation.
  2. When you are too close to people, the law of dominance doesn’t work which is very important for the therapy to be successful.
  3. When you don the cap of a therapist with a client known to you at personal level( e.g. A relative, a friend etc) , you need to be extra cautious not to cross the blurred line that exists between the two. At times too much personal information pop up which may create uneasy situations for both therapist and the client.

Finding the right therapist for yourself is like a date. Not every therapist is right for you. Therapy works well when you connect with your therapist. So keep searching for that  therapist till your heart say….”Yes, I found mine!”  :).





Hypnosis is an altered state of mind like the deep relaxation during meditation. As opposed to mesmerism or stage hypnosis, clinical hypnosis or hypnotherapy does not take you to a state where you lose consciousness and control of yourself. On the contrary, under hypnosis the subject would be in a highly focused and aware state. Hypnotherapy is a technique that allows us to connect within and align ourselves to the more wholesome and holistic part of our ourselves.


How Hypnotherapy Works

Hypnosis works through an Induction Process allow you to bypass the conscious level of your mind and access the subconscious mind, which operates much like a computer. Like a computer, your subconscious mind must operate based on the programming that’s been placed inside it. Your subconscious programming is essentially everything that we’ve experienced since birth. The beauty of hypnosis is that it allows us to get rid of the old, negative programming that’s clouding our perceptions or motivating negative behaviors and dis-ease patterns and replace it with positive, life-enhancing programming that allows us to not only feel great, but excel.

For example, a patient who consciously wants to overcome their fear of spiders may try everything they consciously can to do it, but will still fail as long as their subconscious mind retains this terror and prevents the patient from succeeding.  Progress can only be made be reprogramming the subconscious so that deep-seated instincts and beliefs are abolished or altered.

How Hypnotherapy is faster than conventional form of therapies

Research from Dr. Alfred A. Barrios shows 600 sessions of Psycho-analysis brings 38% recovery, 22 sessions of CBT brings 72% recovery and 6 sessions of Hypnotherapy brings 93% recovery. “6 sessions = 93% recovery”? how is it possible? so let us try to understand how other therapies work before we understand how hypnotherapy works.

  1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy : CBT is used to change the way you think and behave. It doesn’t remove the problems, but it gives you valid coping mechanisms so you can learn to manage them more easily.
  2. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming): NLP aims to change your behavior (your programming) by altering the way your brain responds to what’s going on around you.
  3. Psychoanalysis is also widely used to treat anxiety and depression, but with a different approach. Founded by Sigmund Freud, the idea behind psychoanalysis is to uncover repressed emotions and experiences.

Hypnotherapy accesses your subconscious mind, getting to the very source of the issue enabling you to make positive and permanent changes in your life. Hypnotherapy gets to the bottom of whatever the issue is. It bypasses your critical conscious mind and connects with your unconscious. It changes your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors from the inside out. It tackles the root of the problem – not just the symptoms – and deals with it. And it does that better than almost any other form of therapy. Hypnotherapy can be a highly effective form of treatment for many mental, psychosomatic, and physical disorders. For example, through the use of regressive techniques, an adult patient may mentally voyage back to a point in youth that was particularly troublesome, allowing the healing of old emotional wounds.

To sum up about the advantage of hypnotherapy: 1. It gets right to the bottom of the problem. 2. It’s faster than other forms of therapy. 3. In comparison to other therapies like It addresses more issues.

Techniques used in Hypnotherapy

There are various tools used in hypnotherapy session. Below are few:

  1. Regression therapy: This is a hypnosis technique utilized by hypnotherapists to help patients remember the perceptions and feelings caused by past events that have an effect on their present illness.
    a. Inner child healing: whenever we encounter some unpleasant experiences in our life a part of us gets frozen. A part of us who is feeling unhappy and who has never grown up. Commonly when these inner child parts are accessed during hypnotic regression they are fearful, angry, sad or feel abandoned. Without hypnosis you will probably also be able to recall clear memories from your childhood. when you felt afraid, sad, alone, angry or other negative emotions. Inner Child Healing can be a very liberating experience, and can work just as well with logical people as with those more inclined to self-reflection. To read more about inner child healing please refer:
    b. Past Life Regression Therapy: Past life regression therapy stands as a very powerful tool in healing a wide array of physical, emotional and spiritual issues. Eminent psychotherapists such as Dr. Brian Weiss and Dr. Michael Newton have spoken widely on how their practice has given them tangible resolutions in the world of Psychiatry and Psychology.
  2. Suggestive Therapy: While the techniques mentioned above address the negative imprints on the mind, Suggestive Therapy is a totally different league of therapeutic solutions. Hypnotic Suggestions are positive commands that are planted into the subconscious mind in order to reset and reinforce a desired, positive pattern. While Suggestions are positive reinforcements that are planted directly into the subconscious mind under hypnosis, another form of this therapy is through the use of Affirmations. Affirmations are conscious reinforcements that anyone can program into their own system with conscious repetition. Many Psychologists believe that Suggestive Therapy done under hypnosis could be a one stop solution to many issues that we face during our lives. They are unbelievably powerful!
  3. Emotional Freedom technique:  EFT is a form of psychological acupressure, based on the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture to treat physical and emotional ailments for over five thousand years, but without the invasiveness of needles. Instead, simple tapping with the fingertips is used to input kinetic energy onto specific meridians on the head and chest while you think about your specific problem – whether it is a traumatic event, an addiction, pain, etc. — and voice positive affirmations.

This combination of tapping the energy meridians and voicing positive affirmation works to clear the “short-circuit” – the emotional block — from your body’s bioenergy system, thus restoring your mind and body’s balance, which is essential for optimal health and the healing of physical disease.

Uses of Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy can be used in:

  1. Behavioral Resolutions: Hypnotherapy is used in multiple Behavioral Resolutions such as
  • Stress Management
  • Self Confidence
  • Anger Management
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Concentration/Memory
  • Self Esteem
  • Goal Accomplishment
  • Demotivation
  • Anxiety
  • Stammering
  • Procrastinations
  1. Health Resolutions : Hypnotherapy is one of the most successful treatment methods, giving 80+% success rate for abdominal pain and distension. It often results in assisting with other problems such as migraine and tension headaches. With patients who have severe chronic IBS, it was Hypnotherapy patients that showed dramatic improvement in all measures, and they maintained that improvement at a two year follow-up. There are a number of clinical studies and a body of research on the effectiveness of hypnotherapy in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Further link to IBS and hypnosis can be found at: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/3207972.stm
  2. De-addictions: Addiction is a disease that affects an addict’s brain, psyche and body. All the effects of addiction intersect when the addict experiences cravings. Cravings can be intensely psychological and, when they’re accompanied by physical symptoms of withdrawal, they are extremely challenging to resist.

It is these cravings that lead so many addicts to relapse. For anyone addicted to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling or any other additive behavior, cravings are tough to beat. Hypnotherapy has given some very good result in these cases.

  1. Trauma :

Some PTSD sufferers also find that hypnotherapy treatment is beneficial. Though there is no solid evidence to support the efficacy of hypnotherapy for post-traumatic stress disorder, many sufferers have experienced success with the treatment.The aim of hypnotherapy is to unlock stored emotion so that the trauma can be revisited and explored from a different perspective.

There are various forms of hypnotherapy a practitioner may use and in order to determine which is the most suitable for you, a practitioner will usually begin by performing an assessment of your personal circumstances.




Inner Child Healing

Does that swing in the playground you are driving past look really tempting? No matter how old we are we still have ‘inner child’ within us. It is believed that maximum problem we are facing in our lives currently has deep rooted cause in our inner child..….A child or a part of your energy that has just frozen. A part of you who is feeling unhappy and who has never grown up.

So who need Inner Child healing?? Almost all of us. Majority of us are carrying emotional baggage from the past which is stopping us to go further. Commonly when these inner child parts are accessed during hypnotic regression they are fearful, angry, sad or feel abandoned. Without hypnosis you will probably also be able to recall clear memories from your childhood. when you felt afraid, sad, alone, angry or other negative emotions.Inner Child Healing can be a very liberating experience, and can work just as well with logical people as with those more inclined to self-reflection.

I had a client whose career and life suddenly stopped going forward. During therapy inner child who was feeling very lonely came up. It was ignored for years. The inner child was not allowing the client to move further as it was sad and lonely. Just healing the inner child helped her to accelerate her career.

Inner child healing can be wonderful experience. During therapy the client doesn’t have to reveal anything about the conversation between the inner child and client unless and until the client wants to. It’s a great tool to connect with yourself.


How to handle your emotions?

Right from the childhood we are told it’s not okay to be angry, don’t be jealous; feeling of hatred is bad.Having a wrong emotion makes us a bad human being. The list goes on and on. Are these negative emotions really bad? The integration of these good and bad emotions makes us humans. So, if I have negative emotions how do I handle it? Do I suppress it? Try to cover with good one?

If any negative emotion is suppressed, it affects our energy body which in turns starts knocking the physical body. Please refer to my previous blog on how emotions can affect out body here: https://archanamishrasite.wordpress.com/2016/10/11/can-your-emotion-affect-your-health/

It is important that we start dealing with negative emotions. Below are few ways which I find it helpful:

  1. Acknowledgement: The first step to release any negative emotion is to acknowledge it. If there is any thought which is making us feel uncomfortable, it is negative emotion. The negative emotion can be fear, anger, jealousy, hatred etc. it’s important to first acknowledge and own that emotion. Don’t try to deny it. Don’t be afraid of your emotions.  Don’t fight them, run away from them, blocking them out.  Its okay to have these emotion. Welcome them, be with them, regardless of what they are.  We were born with all emotions.  They are neither good or bad, they just are.  Emotions dissipate and slowly disappear if you feel them, and are present with them.  Once the acknowledgement is done half of the battle is won.
  2. Pen down your emotions: Writing can be an excellent way of releasing the emotions. Don’t think when you write; just write down everything how you are feeling. Don’t read it after you are done with it. Tear it in small pieces and throw it in bin.
  3. Breathing exercises: Breath is very important tool which helps to connect your physical body and your mind. Take deep breath through nose and while exhaling breath out through your mouth. As if you are releasing all your negative emotions from each and every cell of your body. Few of the yoga pranayam like anulom/vilom helps to release the energy also.
  4. Tapping: I find tapping most efficient way of getting to the core issue or releasing the emotion. I will be dealing with this topic in my future post.
  5. Detach Yourself: When your emotions are running high and you are having difficult reducing the intensity, try to detach yourself from the situation and the emotion.  Try to imagine the same situation happening to someone else.  Try to see if the behavior would be the same if someone else were in your situation.  If the answer is yes then you can begin to see that the experience is not necessarily being focused at you.  The other person is probably acting unconsciously, and you just happen to be the individual “in their way”.  Detaching yourself in this manner can help you move through very difficult situations without taking the abuse personally.  You might need to terminate the situation  causing the emotions, but your detachment allows you to look at things more rationally and quietly.
  6. Physical Exercise: Ten minutes of walk or run can help you to release those emotions.
  7. Drawing/ Painting/Any creative work: Any creative work helps to release the stored negative emotions. It can be cooking, drawing or painting. It’s a kind of meditation.
  8. Friends/ Counselor/ Therapist : If the feeling is too haunting You might want to consider seeking the assistance of a counselor or therapist.  They can help you to see things in a more balanced fashion, and help you understand more fully what you are observing in yourself.  It can be difficult at times to be objective about yourself.
  9. Punching Bag : Get yourself a punching bag and hang it in your home.  Then take time to keep hitting that punching bag, releasing your rage.

Concluding Thoughts

Handling emotions comes with practice. Either it can be suppressed which is worst choice or expresses which is the best way. It is also important to teach yourself and our next generation how to tackle emotions and feeling. I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings about this blog. Stop by the comment and let me know 🙂




Have you ever lived before?

It is believed that while Gautam Buddha was meditating under Bodhi tree, he visited around his 550 past lives before he reached Enlightenment. Theory of Reincarnation can also be found in ancient text known as ‘Bhagavad Geta’.

What is Past Life Regression?

Past life regression is the process of exploring our soul and its incarnation. Everybody is born with some memories. The Past life regression technique is used to access those memories during hypnosis. The therapy enables the client to connect with the sub conscious mind using hypnotherapy technique. This is done by a trained therapist and client is always in full control of the situation.

Why Past life Regression is required?
At times we carry burden from past lives or there are events which in our lives which has no real logic to it. The roots might be in past life. It is important to heal those lives which has impact in current life. Past Life Regression Therapy can be extremely powerful technique and helps us to live in the moment in multiple ways. For instance, it can eliminate fears, deep phobias and blockages that are holding us back. It can also throw light on issues which we may repeatedly experience in our life. It can be relationship, health or career. Also, it helps in understanding our life purpose and overcome the fear of death.

what is difference between past life regressions and past life therapy?
A past life regression is when you ‘go back’ and review your past life. Past life regression therapy is when you ‘go back’ and heal your past life.

Is it Safe to visit Past life?
During Hypnosis the mind is very relaxed but in total control. Infact, during therapy you can choose not to share your thoughts during therapy. It is a very safe technique.

Are past lives real?
You’ll just have to try a past life regression and decide for yourself 🙂

Please feel free to share the post you find it interesting!

What is Aura? How to stay protected?

There are trillions of cells in human body and each cell made up of vibratory energy particles called electron, protons , neutrons. when these particles vibrate in their nucleus, a small electrical impulse is generated in our body. These tiny electrical impulses in our body results into the formation of a magnetic field around our body which is actually know as the AURA- electromagnetic field of the body.
Aura is the layer of energy which interconnects all other subtle bodies and also acts like a shield covering and protecting our more refined subtle bodies like the mental, emotional, and spiritual and astral bodies. It is very important to protect our aura to remain healthy physically and emotionally.

How to Protect your Aura?

1.White Light Method:

Every morning when you wake up, imagine a white light coming straight towards your heart and spreading in each and every cell of your body. Allow white light to spread away from all over your body and imagine forming a shield around you. Imagine to crystallize the edges of the shield saying “None of the negative energy can enter into this shield”. There are people in our life with whom whenever we interact there is a feeling of energy being sucked or drained. This white light method can be used very effectively for such energy sucking creatures 🙂

2. Meditation:
All kinds of meditation techniques are beneficial for the spiritual body. You can start by focusing on the breath. A quick 2 mins concentration on your breath can also be very relaxing. Don’t try to fight with your thoughts while concentrating on your breath. Just observe them. Most meditation fail when we try too hard not to think. Let the thought come. Don’t worry about them. Breath is like a string which controls the mind.

Earth energy helps up to be protected. Walking barefoot on the grass is one of the way to protect our aura.

4. Salt water bath:
Salt is an excellent element to purify the aura. Salt water bath is easy,relaxing and you can do it yourself. since our bodies contain large percentage water, our aura is very sensitive to the vibration of water molecules. Also, this bath can help to relieve muscular aches and pains.

5. Sun Light:
In India, Sun is worshiped as God. Sunlight is very good for cleaning of your Aura.

6. Energy Healer:
you can visit a Clinical hypnotherapist, Reiki Healer or any light worker for
deeper cleaning of Aura.

7. Exercise:
Exercise keeps the Aura strong. Do any kind of physical activity to strengthen your aura.

Its not necessary to do all these steps to clean your aura. Pick up any one which suits you.If you find it useful please feel free to share it!

Can your Emotion affect your health?


Mind Body Connection

Psychoneuroimmunology is the study of how emotions impact your immune system and health.The mind-body connection is much stronger than we think. Our thoughts and emotions stimulate the production of certain chemicals that influence our physical and emotional health. When we experiencing happiness there are two chemicals that our brain releases a) Serotonin and b) dopamine. In case of negative emotions these chemical levels are lower.

Researchers have found a wealth of evidence that positive emotions can enhance the immune system, while negative emotions can suppress it. Our emotional states can lead to physical ailments, possibly indicating that we are going through a difficult time in which negative thoughts and emotions have taken control. Feelings of sadness can greatly influence our energy levels and motivation. Sadness causes fatigue, excessive tiredness, and low energy.

It’s also been found that happier people may be less likely to come down with colds. While no one knows for sure how our feelings can affect the immune system, most doctors agree that reducing stress is a good idea.

One of my client had migraine problem. During counselling it was discovered that whenever she is not able to take important decision in her life migraine gets triggered. After the session she was quite clear about her self. She never had migraine after the therapy. As each one of us are different therefore the reason for disease is not always same. But there is a strong link between emotional and physical health.

Our thought affects our emotions; the emotion affects our energy body and the energy body affects the physical body.

Are you listening to your body?

Below are few examples how your body talks. Please note these are only pointers for the disease.

  • Resentment and bitterness are like acid.  They cause inflammation and pain.  Stubborn, inflexible resentment goes to the knees, shoulders, and joints–the parts of your body that are designed to be open and flexible
  • Arthritis is bottled-up hurt
  • Cancer is a deep secret, hatred, guilt, or grief ‘eating away’ at you
  • Breast and uterine cancer reveals a lack of nurturing or self-nurturing in your life, or an inability to nurture others
  • Back pain reveals feeling a lack of support. Lower back pain points to lack of financial support. Its the fear of money.  Middle back pain is carrying the weight of the past. Thoracic back pain shows no emotional support or love.

It is important to take care of your emotions. In my further post I will be discussing how we can handle our emotions. Wish you a very happy and healthy life!


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